Campus Renovation Projects

Current project

  • Fieldston Lower Renovation and Addition
    Designed by FXFOWLE Architects; the construction manager is Shawmut Design and Construction.

    A renovation and addition to Fieldston Lower in Riverdale is currently under way. This project includes three phases: phase one consists of a renovation to the existing third floor and several other rooms throughout the building; phase two includes addition of classrooms and restrooms on what was previously a flat roof; and phase three includes interior work on the third floor, as well as replacement of the roof on the existing third floor. Phase one is complete, phase two is under way and expected to be finished in February, and phase three will occur during summer 2017. Construction work is scheduled throughout the week and weekend in order to accomplish the project in an expeditious manner while maintaining the safety of our students and faculty. Demolition and construction work generally take place during the day and into the early evening, with several periods where work may take place until 10 pm, as per permits approved by the NYC Department of Buildings. Efforts have been made to minimize the disruption to our neighbors on Greystone Avenue and the surrounding areas. Dust and noise remediation practices are always in place when work is in progress.

Latest Project News*

  • Now that the concrete pour is complete, Shawmut will be consolidating its operations on the street. Spaces should start to open up soon, and there should be a scaling back of activity.
  • Scaffold will come down slowly, as the brick wash-down is completed.
  • Work over the next few days will focus mostly on the interior, such as stud and door installation.

    *As of December 1, 2016

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