Strategic Plan in Action


City Semester Wraps Up With Deep Examinations of Urban Issues

Posted June 10, 2016

Be the 21st-Century Progressive Classroom

A participant in this year's City Semester discusses the culminating projects, which proposed new solutions to issues like sewer overflow, the Common Core curriculum, and expanding the subway system in the outer boroughs.

Fifth Graders Create Rube Goldberg Machines

Posted June 3, 2016

Be the 21st-Century Progressive Classroom

As their culminating project in woodshop, fifth graders used elements from their studies of simple machines to create Rube Goldberg machines.

Adler Lab Construction Begins

Posted May 27, 2016

Be the 21st-Century Progressive Classroom

On Wednesday, the first signs of Fieldston Lower’s Adler Lab project appeared, as builders began erecting scaffolding near the garden end of the school.

Fifth Graders Repair Laptops at "Restart Party"

Posted May 27, 2016

Embracing the Ethical Imperative

Helping to support the school's commitment to sustainability, fifth graders replaced the hard drives in their 2012 MacBooks, ensuring these MacBooks will be available for future EC students.

Dancing to the Beat of a New Drum

Posted April 29, 2016

Be the 21st-Century Progressive Classroom

Last week, the entire Fieldston Lower student body was treated to lessons in and performances of dances from across Africa. A group from the music education non-profit Midori & Friends met with students and taught them the diversity of musical and dancing traditions across Africa’s 54 countries.

Students Learn How Therapy Dogs Help Pay It Forward

Nancy Cullen '20
Posted April 22, 2016

Embracing the Ethical Imperative

Last Friday, April 15, the non-profit organization New York Therapy Animals came to talk to middle school students. They brought five different dogs and their owners, known as handlers, to speak to the entire middle school for 20 minutes. A group of kids who signed up to see the dogs got to meet the dogs later that day.

Eighth Graders Compete in the Mousetrap Car Races (Video)

Posted April 15, 2016

Be the 21st-Century Progressive Classroom

For two months, eighth-grade students learned about energy concepts such as elastic potential energy, rotational inertia, and kinetic energy in science class. Then they put their lessons to work to create vehicles--constructed for either maximum speed or distance--for the Mousetrap Car Races.

Watch the "New" Fieldston Lower Field Come to Life (Video)

Posted April 11, 2016

Nurturing and Sustaining Our Resources

Let's play ball! After months of planning, designing, and fundraising, Fieldston has a "new" state-of-the-art Fieldston Lower Field, a sustainable space for ECFS students to use for athletic competition and practices, lower school recess, and P.E. classes in rain or shine. See the project unfold from start to finish here.

Fifth Graders Create Pinball Arcade for Latest STEAM Project

Posted April 8, 2016

Be the 21st-Century Progressive Classroom

For a few hours in March, the fifth floor of Ethical Culture turned into a pinball arcade. Students and teachers were playing pinball machines, the products of this year's fifth-grade STEAM project.

A Preview of Spring Global-Learning Trips

Posted March 18, 2016

Be the 21st-Century Progressive Classroom

ECFS classrooms may be empty the next two weeks, but teaching and learning will still be taking place. Groups of faculty and students are heading to six different countries: middle school students will travel to Italy, Spain, and Senegal, while upper school students will visit Cuba, China, and the Bahamas. Stay tuned for reports of these travels after the break.

Click here to read our Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan for the Ethical Culture Fieldston School is about making manifest, in the life of our school, our founding mission; and making intentional and visible our aim for the highest quality in everything that we do.

To that end, we set goals that will enable our school to:

  • Epitomize an innovative and inspirational 21st-century model of progressive education.
  • Revitalize founder Felix Adler’s ethical imperative, to ensure that this imperative lives visibly in all that we do.
  • Nurture and sustain our resources, both human and material, toward these collective long-term goals.

Master Plan

As stated in "Mission Manifest," the Strategic Plan for the Ethical Culture Fieldston School, one of the goals of Nurture and Sustain Our Resources is to "invest in stewardship of our financial-aid resources, physical plant, and natural environment that is deliberate and aligned with the school's mission."

A Master Plan committee has been established to offer a strategic road map for thinking about the physical aspects of our campus by analyzing our various needs, prioritizing our aspirations, and addressing these in a comprehensive and holistic manner. The Master Plan Committee will assist in the development of the plan. The committee, which reports to the Board of Trustees, will consider and propose the goals to guide the development of a Master Plan framework.

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