Aware of the impact of technology on the earth and the people who occupy it, our technology department is striving to make ethical technology purchases for the 2,000+ members of our community. In addition to sustainable IT practices, we support faculty, staff, and students in utilizing technology tools in ways that are driven by purpose, used with intention, and aligned with ECFS's ethical imperative.

Current Work

  • Equity of Digital Access initiative to provide Form III and Form IV students financial aid funds to buy personal devices.
  • Data collection at Ethical Culture to better understand how 1:1 programs support progressive education and to measure screen time for children in 4th grade.
  • blog shares our efforts to support human rights throughout the supply chain.
  • The Restart Center, a student-led repair tutoring center in the upper school that helps reduce the waste stream of personal devices by teaching students how to repair damaged personal devices. Recently, a middle school Restart Center was launched.
  • ECFS is a founding member of Electronics Watch, an international monitoring organization dedicated to the rights of electronics workers.

Contact Us

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