Progressive Education

Progressive education is rooted in experiential, hands-on learning, where the classroom functions as a laboratory and New York City serves as a classroom. Since 1878, our school has embraced the cultivation and use of students' higher-order thinking skills to make sense of facts and ideas in literature, science, art, and mathematics; the development of intrinsic motivation for learning; and a focus on the inherent and positive characteristics of each student, not just the quality of academic content.

At ECFS, we recognize and celebrate the importance of critical thinking and inquiry in addition to the acquisition of knowledge; learning-by-doing at every stage of development; and the engagement and collaboration of teachers and students in the creation and innovation of a rich learning program. We seek to ensure that our school exemplifies the best of progressive education in the 21st century, serving as a national model and demonstrating our preeminence as a leader in this educational field in an increasingly global, interconnected world.

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