The Program: Athletics & PE

The Physical Education at ECFS encompasses Physical Education and Movement at the Ethical Culture and Fieldston Lower divisional levels, and a full interschool Athletics program at the Fieldston Middle and Fieldston Upper levels.

The physical education/movement programming for Pre-K through second grade at Ethical Culture and at Fieldston Lower is founded on movement education and exploration. Students are taught about spatial awareness and interacting with peers with an emphasis on games, rhythms, and locomotor/movement concepts. In third through fifth grade, the curriculum explores personal fitness, sports, and games. In each unit, game rules are introduced with a focus on sportsmanship, teamwork, skill development, and strategy. Non-traditional physical education units such as yoga, juggling, cup-stacking, and circus art keep young minds and bodies active and engaged and demonstrate to students that they can experience movement and stay fit in a variety of ways.