Student Life

Page through the school calendar (at right) or any issue of FieldNotes, and you’ll see that ECF students are fully engaged in a wide range of activities, from the arts to robotics, from community service to after-school classes like chess club and creative cooking. What is the common denominator? They are geared to students with an active curiosity and a lively interest in the world around them.

In keeping with our mission to promote ethical citizenship, and to encourage students to become leaders and activists, Fieldston has a vibrant and extensive student life program.

This includes: 

  • Over 50 student-run clubs
  • A full slate of regular assemblies that focus on a variety of topics and are organized almost exculsively by students
  • A number of student publications
  • Modified Awareness Days (MADs) and Fieldston Awareness Days (FADs), which are special days that allow the community to closely examine issues of local, national or global importance
  • Support for students who engage in social and political activism
  • An annual summer book that is read by the entire Upper School and is followed by a MAD.
  • A summer jobs program run in concert with the P&T.
  • An active student government that comprises both the Fieldston Student Government (FSG) and the Student-Faculty Senate (SFS).
  • Allternative Learning Period (ALP), which is a two-day experiential learning program that takes place once every two years and features workshops and classes run by students, faculty, parents and alumni.
  • Senior projects, which are self-directed, independent projects that seniors are given the opportunity to participate in during their second semester of senior year.
  • Semester programs, such as the Mountain School and Maine Coast Semester, which are open to juniors.

Please direct any questions about Fieldston's student life program to Nancy Banks, Dean of Student Affairs, at

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