Athletics Philosophy

Interscholastic athletics at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School is a component of the physical education program. Interscholastic athletes at Fieldston receive physical education department credit for participation on a team and completion of an interscholastic season. Policies governing credit and graduation requirements extend to interscholastic athletics.

Participation in interscholastic athletics promotes the development of physical, mental, and social skills, a positive self-image, an understanding of teamwork and cooperation, and a sharing of personal experiences. Everyone involved in the Fieldston athletics program, both coaches and athletes, has the opportunity to teach other participants positive life skills and values. The athletics program is designed to empower student athletes, while instilling self-confidence and creating leaders.

Fieldston makes every effort to hire the most qualified coaches to ensure that our students’ athletic experience is the best it can be. Like our academic colleagues, we take our coaching roles seriously. Our coaches seek to inculcate in individual athletes the dedication, discipline, desire, spirit of commitment, and personal sacrifice that a successful team depends on. Making such a commitment helps to nurture integrity, pride, loyalty, and overall character in our students and supports the mission of the school. It is important for our athletics program and all those involved to embody the progressive ideals of our school.

It is the nature of athletic competition to pursue victory. However, a win-loss record does not always reflect the success that a team has achieved in a given season. To a good coach, guiding a team to achieve its maximum potential and develop the maximum potential of all team members is the goal, as is ensuring that the participants' overall experience is a positive one. We all want to win, but it is more important that we are winning by doing things the right way and in a way that is aligned with our school's mission and athletics philosophy.