Essays by Students Published on Taiwanese News Website

11 Aug 2017
ByAkim St Omer

Four students enrolled in the "Pacific Perspectives" history course—seniors Dahlia Gottlieb, Ryan Kelly, Miranda Stone, and Daniel Wrocherinsky—have had their work published by Ketagalan Media, the most prominent English-language news organization focusing on Taiwanese issues.

After learning that some students taking the course were doing research papers on Taiwan, Chieh-Ting Yeh, editor-in-chief of Ketagalan Media, offered them—and another student writing an essay on China—the opportunity to publish their work on the Ketagalan website.

"This is quite an honor, as contributors are normally academics, journalists, and professional bloggers with expertise on Taiwan," noted Dr. Jerry Blaney, who teaches Pacific Perspectives. "Our 'Fieldston Four' worked hard and produced amazing articles on Taiwan's democratization, on China's economic policies towards Africa, on Taiwan's progress towards marriage equality, and on the influence of student activists in Taiwanese politics."

To read the students' published essays, please click on the individual links below: Dahlia Gottlieb - "Politics, China, and Taiwan's Youth Identity" Ryan Kelly - "How China's Soft Power Is Building a Neo-Colonial System in Africa" Miranda Stone - "How Taiwan's Search for Identity Propelled Its LGBTQ Movement" Daniel Wrocherinsky - "What Motivated the KMT in Taiwan's Democratization?"