An Exhibit of Deborah Kriger’s Landscapes Opens in Chelsea

28 Sep 2017
ByAkim St Omer

Upper school visual arts teacher Deborah Kriger is presenting 23 of her landscape paintings in a solo exhibit devoted to trees, flowers, and plein air, at the Noho M55 Gallery in Chelsea.

Kriger, concerned with the preservation of the environment, evidences an urgency in her approach to landscape painting. She captures areas in upstate New York before they are impacted by the encroachment of homes or disrupted by fracking infrastructure. The images, which do not include people, stand as portraits of undisturbed nature.

From a large-scale triptych to a notebook-size image of a lily on wood, Kriger's approach is distinctive. She paints in oils on a variety of surfaces.

The exhibit runs through October 14.