Second Graders Make a Day of It

28 Sep 2017
ByMonique Astengo-Rosen, FL TeacherPatricia Mazuera, FL Associate Teacher

2A has been busy painting and writing their "Time of Day" books. For each page, the children are first immersed in the rich language and artwork of picture books. They then paint a time of day using a crayon-resist and watercolor method that inspires them to brainstorm and write descriptive poems. The children have completed their Sunset page, and will next be working on Twilight, Dawn, Sunrise, Daytime, and Night.

The Time of Day study teaches about sense of setting, establishing mood, and use of illustrative language. The children become adept at using "silver-dollar words," or words that are more rare and special than "nickel words," which are more ordinary.

"It's always wonderful--and even startling--to watch as the children begin to use increasingly sophisticated language that uniquely describes their paintings. It's truly amazing what 7- and 8-year-olds can produce when immersed in this writing process," said Astengo-Rosen.