Water Polo Looking to Make a Splash This Season

28 Sep 2017
ByHank M '20

The future seemed uncertain for Eagles water polo on day one of pre-season, due to a low turnout and loss of some key graduating seniors. Much to our delight, six freshmen came out of the blue to join the team and provide skill and major future potential. One of these star freshmen, Andrej Obradovic, scored his first official goal in the 9-4 opening loss to Trinity from two meters into the upper-right corner. To fill the goalie job, sophomore Matthew Flowers has stepped up and impressed the whole team with his work ethic and persevering attitude. Although occasionally found sitting on a ball in goal, Flowers' endurance and ability to attack passes close to the goal sets him apart from all opposing goalies.

Another unique aspect of this team is the superb leadership of the coaches and captains, with their 4+ years of experience, which is essential to educating the underclassmen. Sophomore prodigy Matthew "Matty B" Brown explains that "the captains [seniors Marco De Angelis, Lucas Janszky, and Theo Goldberg] have been great on guiding me this year. Whenever I go to practice, I feel comfortable asking for help." The combination of coaches Carl Anhalt and Pam Opdyke provides distinct knowledge of the game in Coach Anhalt and an emphasis on swimming technique and endurance with Coach Opdyke.

The leadership and bright future of this team should make for a special season. Come out to see a game, particularly our Homecoming match against Horace Mann on October 21!