Putting It On the Map

27 Oct 2017
ByKevin Hershey, FL Grade 2 Associate Teacher

As part of the annual second-grade Hudson River study, students in 2M are working on a large-scale map of the river. As the class gains more knowledge about the river and the communities surrounding it through field trips and research, it is adding information to the map by creating labels and artwork.

Second graders have labeled various parts of the river, including Mount Marcy, the estuary, and the Palisades. They are currently working on group collages (see below) of Hudson River landmarks such as the George Washington Bridge, the Little Red Lighthouse, and the Intrepid, which they observed on a recent class trip to the High Line. The more experiences students have with the river, the more information they can add to the group map.

This study includes several hands-on experiences in which students have the opportunity to make meaning of this historically and geographically significant river. They will collaboratively create and label the river in a sandbox, observe plants and wildlife at Beczak Center for the Urban River in Yonkers, and conduct research on various elements of the river's ecosystem.