Civics Projects Reflect a Range of Creativity

8 Nov 2017

Tuesday was Election Day, and although they are too young to vote, Ethical Culture fourth graders have been busy learning about civics, including the three branches of the U.S. federal government.

For the culminating project in their study, students were given the choice to work independently or collaboratively. In preparation, they read articles and watched videos on government. The range of projects was impressive and included creating a board game, writing a skit, making a drawing, composing a poem--even writing a rap song--all of which they had the opportunity to present to their parents upon completion.

The civics unit is the building block for much of the fourth-grade curriculum, which also includes a study of state government and immigration. According to teacher Jennifer Keith, "The project-based learning of the civics unit is a perfect example of how the fourth grade taps into all learning styles. We hope we can continue reaching all of our students and discovering their unique potential."