When the Homework Assignment Is One’s Passion

11 Jan 2018
ByMaria Asteinza

Every year, fifth graders at Fieldston Lower eagerly anticipate the week in December when the nightly homework assignment is linked to a personal passion. For five days, students focus on their IALAC project, which stands for "I am loving and caring" and "I am learned and capable."

IALAC has been an integral part of the fifth-grade curriculum at Fieldston Lower for more than a decade and is the brainchild of two former FL teachers, Dara Henry and Jaimee Cowen. "It's all about service learning, learning by doing, and self-directed learning," said FL fifth-grade teacher Hazel Hunt. "We encourage our students to use a skill they are passionate about to help someone or something in their community."

After their week of study, students invite members of the ECFS community to see what the focus of their study was. This year, fifth graders shared their IALAC projects (a complete list is provided below) with members of the ECFS community on December 21.