EC Students Get with the Programming

7 Feb 2018
ByAkim St Omer

Coding is a popular and exciting skill for students to learn. At Ethical Culture, it's proven to be a great bonding activity as well. Students in Dinah Herrity's first-grade class recently met up with Liba Bronstein-Schwartz's fourth graders for a fun-filled afternoon of coding.

The students began by watching a brief video clip highlighting how important coding is and how fun it can be. They then split up into "buddy" pairs and spent time at four different coding-game stations set up around the room, where they got to use apps such as Kodable and ScratchJr, Ozobots (robots that can be controlled by drawing), and LEGOs.

Many "oohs" and "aahs" were heard as both students and teachers engaged in the various coding activities. Besides learning a practical new skill, the bond that the students formed—and continue to enhance—with their buddies made the afternoon meaningful and memorable.