Books Come Alive In Fieldston Lower 2nd Grade Plays

5 Mar 2018
ByAkim St Omer

This week, a Fieldston Lower second grade reading group presented "Jenny and the Cat Club," a play based on Esther Averill's classic stories of the adventures of a little black cat named Jenny Linsky.

Reader's theater is an integrated approach to literacy instruction, where students adapt a script from their classroom literature. By this time of year, second graders are developing strong reading skills, and reader's theater is an effective way to fuel students' confidence while giving them practice reading aloud with fluency, intonation, and expression.

After days of doing reader's theater with different texts, the students wanted to tackle the challenge of creating a small play. Their language arts teacher, Patricia Mazuera-Johnson, led them into an experiential learning process in which the cast of eight wrote their own script, had a taste of method acting, memorized their lines, made their own props, and performed to the delight of teachers and students. During the process, students integrated reading, writing, art, and leadership while enhancing their literacy skills and practicing teamwork.