History Comes Alive on “Long Ago Day”

8 Mar 2018
ByMaria Asteinza

Long Ago Day is just one component of the Fieldston Lower second grade's study of the legacy of our school, in which students explore the history of ECFS from various angles.

Students began by interviewing an adult at Fieldston Lower to learn more about the school. They also visited second-grade classes at Ethical Culture to understand more deeply the various facets of ECFS. (Ethical Culture's second-grade classes will reciprocate by visiting Fieldston Lower in the spring.) In addition, Fieldston Lower second graders learned about Felix Adler, the founder of our school, his ideals and goals, and the enduring mission of ECFS. They examined the many ways Adler's mission continues to thrive today and how it has changed and evolved over time.

As part of the culminating project in the study, last Friday, March 2, Fieldston Lower second graders dressed up in clothing from the late 1800s to the early 1900s, the era when ECFS was known as the Workingman's School, for Long Ago Day. They also played games, such as cat's cradle and skill ball, that were popular at the time. "Our goal was to recreate the spirit of the Workingman's School," said teacher Monique Rosen.