We All Live In A Lower Submarine

5 Apr 2018
ByMonique Rosen

Students in Monique Astengo-Rosen and Patricia Mazuera's second grade class at Fieldston Lower are embarking upon an in-depth study of submarines that ties in with their sea creature curriculum. The inspiration for learning about submarines happened when students asked how they could view their sea creatures that lived deep under the sea – the children's answer was a submarine!

Thus began a student-led inquiry in which the children design and build a submarine that takes up half of the classroom! 2A also visits a submarine to enhance their learning. In addition, students engage in a science experiment that replicates how ballast tanks work using water bottles. The children also learn about buoyancy, how echolocation and sonar are related, and about various research submarines.

"Every year I am deeply impressed with the children's passion in learning about subs and how sophisticated their designs and implementation are when building their own class submarine," said Astengo-Rosen.