Social Studies and Shop Integration in First Grade

12 Apr 2018
ByAkim St Omer

Shop class and social studies integration. In true ECFS fashion, this integrative approach to education has produced moments of magic in first grade at Ethical Culture.

Ethical Culture First Graders have been working on a really fun and collaborative project that combines what they are covering in class with what they are working on in wood shop. Students in Dinah's class have been studying trees in class and have been designing their own trees made of cardboard and wood with Freya in shop. Jenny's class have been studying birds and have created their own birds out of papier-mâché, paint and water bottles with Freya. Jose's class is working on a play and have created their own puzzles out of wood and water color in Leonard's shop class. And finally in Osa's class students have been looking at different kinds of playgrounds and are making their own model playground equipment with Leonard.

Seeing the creativity, ingenuity and passion that the students have for this project has been spectacular. Walking into the shop there is a buzz, not only from saws cutting wood and scissors cutting cardboard, but by the students themselves.