Third Graders Create Projects on Native American Studies

18 Apr 2018
ByAkim St Omer

The Third Grade at Fieldston Lower have been dedicating time the past three weeks to working on two different design projects which integrated the visual arts, music, science, language and social studies.

In 3S, students have been creating shadow puppet performances based on three different Iroquois Pourquoi tales. The class was divided into three groups, each with a tale to tell. The groups wrote scripts, and designed and built puppets and scenery. The children studied shadows in science and applied what they learned to how they maneuvered their puppets in their presentations. Once their performances started to take shape, they worked with their music teachers to think of ways to incorporate music.

In 3H, after studying the daily life of people in Algonquian and Haudenosaunee tribes long ago, the children broke into groups and designed scenes of village life. They planned out the scenes on large sheets of graph paper, considering scale, and rationalizing their placements of different parts of their scenes. The children then worked with their classroom, art and social studies workshop teachers to bring these scenes to life with a wide range of materials including paint, clay, sand, pebbles, wood and cellophane. In science the children learned how to create circuits using modular units called littleBits. They used these littleBits to add light to their scenes. The children wrote accounts of the work of the people and of how they created the effects in their scenes. They used percussion instruments to accompany their presentations.