Ethical Culture Students Take A Walk-A-Thon

26 Apr 2018
ByKim Deveaux, Position Title

On Saturday, April 21st members of the Ethical Culture community got up early to participate in a walkathon. The walkathon was to raise money for the Lerata Primary School's food budget. Lerata Primary is our buddy school in central Kenya. Many students have gotten to know our buddy school through various projects including pen-pals and quilt making. EC teachers make at least one trip a year to visit our buddy school, work with students and teachers, and exchange these projects. The mission of our partnership is to create and nurture a reciprocal relationship between EC and Lerata students, wherein both groups expand their worldview.

Over the past three years, new dormitories at Lerata Primary have helped improve consistent attendance. However, boarding students has also increased the school's food needs. We are hoping to help the school make up the difference between funds the government provides and the reality of feeding hundreds of students three times a day. All proceeds raised from the walk and the book fair will go towards this fund.