Fieldston Lower First Graders Take On Compound Words

26 Apr 2018

In order for kids to get excited about compound words in her class, Fieldston Lower Learning Specialist Jennifer Garnett has figured out how to bring them to life. She dressed up in them.

When students arrived in her classroom, Jennifer was wearing as many words as she could think of. Some of the items that she wore included a necklace, backpack, sweatshirt, hightops, sunglasses, wristwatch and even had her hair in a ponytail.

Students learned what compound words were and participated in many multi sensory activities including writing compound words and scooping both words, matching compound words, and drawing compound words so that the concept would "stick."

After the lesson, students were asked to come to school the following day dressed in as many compound words as they could think of. Who knew compound words could be fashionable?