Sixth Grade Studies The Ecosystems of Van Cortlandt Park

4 May 2018
ByTess Finnigan-Allen, FM Science Teacher

On Monday, April 30th, the 6th grade visited Van Cortlandt Park where they applied the science skills that they have learned throughout the year to answer the question "How healthy is the ecosystem at Van Cortlandt Park?" Students took water quality readings, seined for macroinvertebrates, and observed wildlife in the park.

During this half-day field trip, students rotated to different stations in the park, facilitated by Fieldston science teachers, volunteers from Friends of Van Cortlandt Park, and NYC Audubon, to collect data. The data collected was taken back to school to analyze. Students used the qualitative and quantitative data collected to write a report on the health of the ecosystem at Van Cortlandt Park.