Engy Gadelmawla Discusses Being an Upstander at Assembly

9 May 2018
ByYadna Prasad '24Ben Lindenbaum '23

At this week's middle school assembly, students were inspired by an amazing college activist. Engy Gadelmawla spoke on her experience being bullied in school because of her Muslim faith. She discussed how she tried to change her identity, until she went to a class that taught her to embrace her religion and culture. To try to prevent others from being bullied, Engy held a district wide campaign against bullying. Engy is now encouraging other students to be upstanders. During assembly and lunch, Engy passed on her wisdom and experience to students.

Engy Gadelmawla is a graduating senior at Drew University in Madison, NJ. She will graduate this May with a Bachelors in Political Science and a Graduate Certificate on Conflict Resolution and Leadership. Fascinated by US counter-terrorism policy and international security, she is an advocate for policy that engages communities to be active members in achieving security. She has presented academic research in Donegal, Ireland on how the Irish experience has shaped the island's involvement in the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Speaking to middle schoolers and high schoolers, she has presented at Kean University's Human Rights Institute on how students can turn passions into activism, a presentation titled "Speak Up. Stand Up. Stop Hate: Youth Activism" and was most recently awarded Facing History and Ourselves' 2017 Upstander of the Year Award.