EC Plant Sale Creates Roots

10 May 2018

The past few weeks at Ethical Culture have been buzzing with first graders testing out their green thumbs as they planted and watered seeds for the annual Ethical Culture Plant Sale. The multiple day event featured members of the community purchasing plants from science teacher Beverly Chang's classroom. Proceeds from the plant sale will be donated to charity. The impact of the plant sale runs deep. Recently a member of the community shared this heartwarming story about buying a plant and nurturing it over the years:

20 years ago, for my Ethical Culture plant sale, I planted a seed which grew into this spider plant. I sold it to my mother for a quarter. She nurtured and cared for it throughout my childhood and while I was off at college. After finally moving out of my mother's apartment last month, she gave me that plant to nurture and care for for the another 20 years.