EC First Graders Observe Ducklings Hatching

17 May 2018
ByAkim St Omer

The arrival of spring at Ethical Culture is marked by warmer weather, longer days and kids running on the roof without coats. There is also is another symbol of spring's arrival. This week first graders had a chance to observe the hatching of ducklings.

As part of our bird study in connection with our study of the park, the first graders have participated in the hatching of ducklings. First graders engaged in a series of lessons and experiments to better understand the structure and function of the egg. We entered daily journal entries focused on embryo development. We utilized scientific models to support our claims about how the embryo was growing. Together we read books to support our understandings. Now that the eggs have hatched, the first graders are collecting data on the physiology of ducks and their behaviors.