ECFS Restart Center Advocates in Albany

17 May 2018

As part of an invitation by the Repair Coalition, the ECFS Restart Center was invited to the New York State State House to pass out brochures on our student-led repair center and to urge state representatives to support the new repair bill.

Jeannie Crowley, Ingrid Sabogal, and Kenny Graves were invited to set up a table in the New York State legislative building and participate in a press conference supporting a new bipartisan bill that would allow everyday consumers the right to repair their devices. Currently, there are 18 states that are developing bills that would preserve the right to repair electronic devices. New York State is one of the first states to propose and argue for a full bill protecting consumers' rights to repair their digital devices.

In a televised press conference, Jeannie talked about the importance of providing educational spaces for students to learn repair. She told the audience, "Bill Gates and Steve Jobs grew up in an environment with open repair. What they accomplished would not have been possible if they had not repaired as children." We are super excited to advocate for repair rights and to represent Fieldston and the ECFS Restart Center in Albany!