Spring Has Sprung at the Annual Spring Festival

17 May 2018
ByBlake Rowe, Position

Fieldston Lower celebrated the season with music and art (and fresh-baked bread by 4th grade students!) at the annual Spring Festival, held on Founder's Day. After two years of being held indoors due to inclement weather, it was a beautiful day to gather out on the lower field. Students in 4th grade made large puppet creatures and had a parade, holding their creations aloft on wooden dowels. Other grades made beautiful artwork that was displayed behind the stage.

Every grade had at least one song to perform. PreK began the music with "Spring!" by Musical Playground. Kindergarten joined them for a nursery song in Turkish, "Mini Mini Bir", then sang a perennial classic, "Inch By Inch" by Dave Mallet. 1st and 2nd graders shared songs they wrote in class that were thoughtful, silly and deeply emotional. 3rd graders led an all-sing entitled "The River is Flowing" then performed Tom Chapin's "Locally Grown". 4th graders sang a song from Cuba made famous by the CD Buena Vista Social Club, "El Cuarto de Tula". Finally, 5th grade students closed the assembly with the beautiful song, "One Day" by Matisyahu and the Fieldston Lower School Song by Colleen Garnevicus. Video of the assembly is available at the FL Music website, www.fieldstonlowermusic.blogspot.com.