Katherine Holabird, author of Angelina Ballerina, visits EC

24 May 2018

Katherine Holabird, author of the Angelina Ballerina series, visited Jo-Ann Solata's second grade class last week. Angelina Ballerina, based on Holabird's daughter, was a hit among the class. Prior to Holabird's visit, students had a chance to read books from the series.

Holabird shared that each book took up to nine months to complete. During her visit she showed the class earlier versions of the books. She also gave students insight into the illustration process. Students were amazed to find out that the illustrator and author were friends before they started working together. Many in the class said they really loved learning about the writing process and enjoyed seeing what goes into putting a book together. It was an extra special day that students are still buzzing about a week later.