Spring Dance Concert Soars

24 May 2018
ByRob O'Neill, Director of the Fieldston Dance Company

In early February, ten young choreographers began formulating ideas that might translate into original dances. They auditioned dancers, set up after-school rehearsal schedules, and jumped into a creative process of their own design. Excitement, fear, confidence, doubt, critiques, questions and a lot of joy filled our studios for three months. Living, breathing, expressive bodies collaborated to make art. A costumer, lighting designer, and tech crew joined in the journey to deepen and illuminate each dance concept. Though each choreographer carried their idea through from beginning to end, the collaboration that is built into our dance and theatre offerings at Fieldston truly flourished. Working together, these ideas took flight.

It is my hope that every choreographer and dancer has been touched and transformed by this Spring Dance Concert experience. It is my hope that they have gathered evidence of their inherent physical creativity. It is my hope that they will remember that pushing through ups and downs with patience and commitment brings results. It is my hope that each choreographer feels like their voice has been heard, through dance. It is my hope that their pride for their own work is equally matched with gratitude for the work of their collaborators.

Thank you students, family and friends for being witness to these remarkable journeys.

It is because of your enthusiasm and support that the arts flourish at Fieldston.