The Northeast Native American Museum

7 Jun 2018
ByConnor W '27

On May 30th, the third grade at Ethical Culture presented the museum of the Northeast Native Americans. Third graders displayed their final writing pieces, which included myths and legends, as well as personal narratives where students wrote from a tribe member's view. I chose to become Black Hawk, a boy of the Mohawk tribe in which he gets nominated to play in a Tewaaraton tournament, also known as lacrosse. In my class, some of my friends and I became very interested in learning more about the meaning of the game and how Native Americans first played it to entertain the Creator. The third grade had also been studying animals of the northeast woodlands in Science. We were asked to make a movie, a slide show, or a book about an animal that we chose to research. In addition, there were six different museum workshop stations: clothing, cooking, pottery, tools and weapons, sports and games, and wampum. In my tools and weapons group, a friend and I made a gill net and a big net. Even though they look the same and are both used to catch fish, they are used differently. A big net is used for seining and is held by two people but a gill net is usually placed in the water by heavy rocks and catches fish over time. Coming into third grade, the museum was the most exciting part that I was looking forward to for years, and it finally happened!