Saving the Chickens from Crossing the Road

19 Nov 2018
ByCourtnay Hull, Middle School Science Dept Chair

A couple weeks ago, two stray chickens were spotted wandering not far from the Fieldston campus. The situation was brought to our attention and, with the assistance of members from the facilities department, the chickens were collected. Immediately, I reached out to numerous rescue organizations and then worked with students and the dining staff to obtain food and set-up a temporary shelter. Shortly after their rescue, Felix and Adler — named after the school's founder — began happily to cluck, eat, and clean themselves. 

In less than 24 hours, the Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary in Poughquag, NY, agreed to take our two feathered friends. Liz Holub — parent of children in 7th grade, 10th grade, and 12th grade — kindly drove the chickens up to their forever home in the scenic Hudson Valley.

There's one other lovely aspect to this story. Just as the Fieldston community worked together to save Felix and Adler, the chickens' new home was with a former Fieldston family. Yes, the founders of the sanctuary, Ellen and William Crain, sent their son to Fieldston years ago!

Courtnay Hull with Ellen Crain, former Fieldston parent and owner of the Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary