NASA Scientist Inspires Students to Reach for the Stars
NASA Scientist Inspires Students to Reach for the Stars
by Sarah McDonald and Akim St.Omer

Kindergarten and first-grade students asked many questions during Dr. Horton's visit.

Dr. Renee Horton, a leading metallic and weld engineer at NASA, visited Ethical Culture last week to share her work on the Mars One project with students. Dr. Horton and her team are building a rocket—the length of a football field—that is expected to launch in 2019 on an expedition to Mars.

Dr. Horton's interest in space can be traced to her childhood, when she would look up at the stars and wonder what lay beyond them. Her talk was especially relevant for the fifth graders, who have been doing curriculum work this year tied to Hidden Figures, the film about black female mathematicians who worked at NASA in the heyday of the space race.

Dr. Horton encouraged students to not only pursue their dreams but be courageous to change the world and play a role in history. Students had plenty of questions about science and scientists for Dr. Horton. Her visit inspired them to aim high and reach new heights.