Students Join National Walkout Against Gun Violence
Students Join National Walkout Against Gun Violence
by Genevieve Paul '24 and Sam Weinick '24, with Debra Sands, FM History Teacher and 7th-Grade Level Coordinator

Our names are Genevieve Paul and Sam Weinick, and we helped plan the walkout that the middle school participated in on March 14. The goal of this day was to honor the 17 people who lost their lives in Parkland, Florida, on February 14, 2018, and to learn about how our security team at this school is helping to prevent something like a school shooting from ever happening at Fieldston.

There were many students who helped plan the day's events, and that is what made it so powerful: it came from the students. Sometimes at a school, where adults teach and adults supervise, it can be hard to remember that a student has a voice in the community, but we do, and that is one thing that we love about Fieldston. We all have a voice, no matter what, and we need to use it to speak up about what we believe in. We believe that there should never be another school shooting and hope March 14 was a valuable day for the community and that students feel like they have a voice.

We want to thank all the members of our middle school community who participated by asking thoughtful questions of the head of security, David Argenzio (pictured below), listened and honored those who lost their lives during the 17 minutes of silence, and wrote heartfelt letters and postcards to our national government officials. Our actions help link us to the greater, national walkout that took place throughout the country. Hopefully, our collective actions will help stop another school shooting from happening.

We will continue protesting for what we believe in because if we don't speak up, then nothing will ever change. We want to urge everyone reading this to speak up for what they believe in because our voices matter and we have the power to create change in our world. We hope that there will be more student-run actions happening here in the future, because we are powerful.

Editor's note: Like their middle school counterparts, students in the upper school participated in the walkout and spent part of the day on Wednesday writing letters to and calling members of Congress, asking them to support stricter gun-control laws. They also organized lunchtime roundtable discussions on the topic of gun control. Highlights of the day are captured in the photos below.