When the Homework Assignment Is One's Passion
When the Homework Assignment Is One's Passion

Every year, fifth graders at Fieldston Lower eagerly anticipate the week in December when the nightly homework assignment is linked to a personal passion. For five days, students focus on their IALAC project, which stands for "I am loving and caring" and "I am learned and capable."

IALAC has been an integral part of the fifth-grade curriculum at Fieldston Lower for more than a decade and is the brainchild of two former FL teachers, Dara Henry and Jaimee Cowen. "It's all about service learning, learning by doing, and self-directed learning," said FL fifth-grade teacher Hazel Hunt. "We encourage our students to use a skill they are passionate about to help someone or something in their community."

After their week of study, students invite members of the ECFS community to see what the focus of their study was. This year, fifth graders shared their IALAC projects (a complete list is provided below) with members of the ECFS community on December 21.



Abe L.

Create boats from recycled materials

Alex B.

Expose the lack of diversity in LEGO figures

Alexa C.

Organize a sports equipment drive for donation

Alkis K.

Impact of changes in the environment on New York

Chloe J.

Sew a pillow for mom for travel

Davis W.

Learn about the colonization of Mars

Georgia G.

Create a website to help kids learn their multiplication facts

Gregory B.

Create a fifth-grade guide book for new students and rising fourth graders

Hudson R.

Create an app that alerts one of trash/recycle day

Jeina E.

PSA about reducing screen time

Jillian T.

Create a stop-motion animation video about recycling

Jonah-Skai B.

Pet food drive for homeless people's pets

Julian G.

Community park clean-up

Julie R.

Bake and decorate baked goods with seniors in a nursing home

Karen S.

Create a model for a homeless community

Lemariam W.

Volunteer at St. Pat's nursing home

Margot S.

Neighborhood clean-up with dad

Mila K.

Teach younger kids to dance

Nathan R.

Create a PSA for City Harvest using iMovie

Sahar J.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen or POTS

Shawn B.

Make an iMovie teaching the butterfly stroke

Yarisa R.

Play the harp at local daycare centers

Adia S.Cook for a soup kitchen

Susie H.

Girls' rights music video

Shane M.

Teach an origami class for little kids

Claire S.

Bake for a local soup kitchen

Chase S.

Design and model a playground of the future

Ella V.Inspirational quotes displayed in public places

Noah N.St. Martin relief drive

Aarav L.

Research on NEOM (sustainable city plan)

Rebecca R.Organize a drive for a dog shelter

Noor H.

Prepare and distribute lunches for people experiencing homelessness

Zoe H.Volunteer with Meals on Wheels

Marcus F.Interview and research on Team Rubicon

Carolina L.

Prepare treats and adoption flyers for dog shelter

Hannah G.Do research on clean water and filtration systems

Ryder P.

Video about animal shelter

Nya T.

Community newspaper

Amelia C.

Volunteer at a preschool and study early childhood education

Bennett J.

Sports equipment drive and donations

Ishaan A.

Breast cancer awareness bake sale

Ben K.Research and design a bat house

Francesca H.

Cards for seniors through DOROT