Visual Arts

The visual arts program is rooted in Felix Adler’s vision of progressive education: hands-on learning, student-centered inquiry, and the development of a sensitive eye, a discerning mind, and a skillful hand.

Our sixth-grade students attend a year-long visual arts class that meets twice a week in one studio with a single teacher.

In seventh grade, our students rotate through a series of classes taught by experts in their disciplines; the visual arts offerings include a 2‐D studio class and model building. Seventh-grade classes meet three times a week and run for four or eight weeks.

In eighth grade, our students elect three courses, each of which meets three times a week for a quarter of the year. New media and disciplines, including architecture, print‐making, ceramics, photography, and film production, are added at this stage to round out students’ artistic experiences in middle school and prepare them for the visual arts classes offered in the upper school.

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