Music Department


The Fieldston Middle music department is designed to help each student develop the skills required to perform and understand a diverse array of musical styles through a hands-on approach. Each student learns to collaborate in large ensembles and perform music using either an instrument or their voice. Our curriculum is not only about learning a certain skill set, but learning to work together in a diverse group toward a common long-term goal and developing respect for peers, regardless of their ability level.

We are committed to developing students who:

  • understand the basic tools needed to perform music
  • know how to work together toward a common goal
  • understand and learn to appreciate the arts during their time at Fieldston, as well as after graduation
  • are able to work well in large and small groups
  • appreciate that music and the arts are essential to a complete education
  • tap into their natural creativity and ingenuity in whatever field they study
Because our school is committed to artistic excellence, progressive education, and ethical learning, our instructional methods include:
  • regular practice sessions for each ensemble
  • sectional work in small groups
  • student input in choosing material and arranging it for performances
  • thorough instruction in music theory
  • class discussions of our music, including historical context
  • a multicultural range of musical selections from a diverse array of cultures
  • an expectation of self-discipline and mastery achieved through rehearsals and regular practice at home
  • regular written homework