Global Learning

To better prepare students to navigate both the opportunities and challenges inherent in our increasingly interconnected world, ECFS extends the boundaries of traditional learning and the traditional classroom with global learning, a central tenet of the school’s Strategic Plan.

Whether it's the partnerships that we have formed with schools and other educational or non-profit groups in China (Beijing and Nanjing) and French Guiana, travel programs to France, Spain, Quebec, and elsewhere that complement our students’ study of foreign languages, or service programs faculty have led in Costa Rica and Haiti, global learning at ECFS enriches our academic programs with the multicultural dimensions of learning at all stages of development.

Travel Programs 2017

Rome (Middle School)

Rome, Ostia Antica, Florence
The trip concentrates on the classical sites of Rome, with day excursions to Ostia Antica and Florence. Activities, such as reading texts and acting out scenes from Roman history or literature, aim to help students develop deep, personal connections with the past. Students also become acquainted with medieval, Renaissance, and modern Rome.

Open to: Grade 8 students and grade 7 Latin students
Dates: March 17-25, 2017
Leader: Erik Hanson

Spain (Middle School)

Discover Spain in this language-immersion trip that combines the country's rich cultural heritage with unique local experiences, such as homestays with families, correspondence with pen-pals and a visit to their school, a tapas-making lesson, and more. This is a great opportunity for students to practice Spanish and learn about Spanish culture by "doing."

Open to: Grade 8 Spanish students
Dates: March 18-26, 2017
Leader: Virginia Garcia-Lopez

Québec (Middle School)

This trip offers a mix of cultural, history-related, and outdoor/indoor recreational activities, sightseeing, and free time. While in Québec, professional tour guides will lead all activities. Students and teachers will stay together at a hotel and take every meal together. Prior to the trip, students will have studied the history and cultural life of Québec in French class.

Open to: Grade 8 French students
Dates: May 26-30, 2017 (students will miss two days of school)
Leader: Vincent Lebrun

Peru (Upper School)

We are excited to offer Fieldston’s first trip to Peru. This will be a unique opportunity for students to immerse themselves fully in the Spanish language while experiencing and exploring Andean culture and traditions. Among the highlights of the trip: students will participate in a service project, stay with the indigenous community of Janaq Chuquibamba, and visit the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu.

Open to: Forms III-VI Spanish students, with priority given to those in Forms IV and V
Dates: March 17-25, 2017
Leaders: Christine Pérez and Alba Santana

Japan (Upper School)

Where the Past and the Future Meet
Japan is a country of seeming contradictions: futuristic and cutting-edge, yet with a deep respect for its traditions. This trip is designed to expose students to both of these aspects. Students will visit locations steeped in history such as Kyoto, Nara, and Himeji, as well as Osaka, a dynamic modern city the size of New York. This specially designed trip also includes a visit to Hiroshima, where students will learn, from a Japanese perspective, about the first atomic bombing and have the unique opportunity to spend a day at a local high school, interacting with their Japanese peers. As an added bonus, the trip takes place during the cherry blossom season, with all its breathtaking beauty.

Open to: Forms III-VI students
Dates: March 17-25, 2017
Leader: Gerald Blaney

French Guiana (Upper School)

The purpose of this trip is to immerse students in French Guyanese culture through our exchange program with the Lycée Melkior Garré. French Guiana is located on the coast of South America, next to Surinam. The trip will include a four-night homestay with a Guyanese family and school visits involving collaborative work between Fieldston and Melkior students. Participants will visit a rain forest, the capital city of Cayenne, Devil's Island (where Alfred Dreyfus was held captive), the Kourou Space Center (where the Ariane rockets are launched), and various markets featuring local produce and handmade goods.

Open to: Forms IV-VI French students
Dates: March 17-26, 2017
Leader: Melanie Cooper-Leary

We continue to monitor the Zika virus and its presence in French Guiana and will hold an information session in the fall.

France and Spain (Upper School)

Côte d'Azur, Provence, and Barcelona
After landing in Nice and touring the city, participants will travel by private coach to towns and cities in Provence, including Aix, Nîmes, Avignon, les Baux, Cassis, and Carcassonne, before crossing the Pyrenees into Spain. In Spain, stops include the Dalí museum in the coastal town of Figueres, while in Barcelona students will have the opportunity to visit the Picasso museum and see many of Gaudí's works, such as the unfinished Sagrada Familia Cathedral.

Open to: Forms IV-VI students
Dates: March 16-24, 2017
Leaders: Esperanza Caño and Diane Russcol

Germany, Poland, and Czech Republic (Upper School)

Behind the Iron Curtain
This trip offers a historical and cultural tour of Berlin, Krakow, and Prague, focusing on the era from the Nazi occupation to Communist domination. Students will visit sites such as the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Potsdamer Platz, the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, and Oskar Schindler's enamelware factory. They will also explore the Stasi Museum, Topography of Terror Museum, and Museum of Communism. Additionally, students will visit the Old Town of Prague, the historic Kazimierz Jewish quarter in Krakow, and contemporary street murals in Berlin. In all of these historic cities, students will be sampling local food, hearing foreign languages, and meandering through streets lined with interesting and varying architecture.

Open to: Forms III-VI students
Dates: March 17-26, 2017
Leader: Jennifer Tammi

Eleuthera, Bahamas - The Island School (Upper School)

The Island School's spring-break trip allows students to work on a service-learning project involving reef sustainability. Students will work and scuba-dive alongside scientists, learning about reef systems and, most importantly, how to protect reefs. They will have the opportunity to participate in sea-turtle and sting-ray research, which involves joining a team of scientists to capture and release the animals.

Open to: Forms III-VI students, with priority given to those enrolled in Marine Biology or Ecological Sustainability
Dates: March 18-26, 2017
Leader: Rob Getz

For more about global learning at ECFS, read the Spring 2016 issue of the school's magazine.

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