Fieldston Enrichment Program

Since 1972, the Fieldston Enrichment Program (FEP) has been preparing seventh and eighth graders for ninth-grade entry into specialized New York City high schools and independent schools.

Each year, this private/public collaboration serves 70 academically motivated sixth through eighth graders who have been selected from public middle schools on the basis of their high potential for success. The mission of FEP is part of the school’s strategic vision to excel as a private school with a public purpose.

FEP is designed to make learning an exciting and enriching experience through leadership training, social development classes, community service, and an active alumni mentoring program. Students are guided, with their parents, through a 36-month journey towards entrance into an appropriate college-preparatory high school.

FEP meets at the Fieldston campus for five hours on Saturdays during the school year and for six hours a day during the summer. The program provides intensive preparation in English, mathematics, and science and prepares students for the entrance examinations administered by the specialized New York City high schools and independent schools.

After graduating from elite public and independent schools such as Bronx Science, Phillips Andover Academy, Fieldston, Groton, and Chapin, many FEP alumni have gone on to colleges including Yale, Brown, Cornell, Boston College, Wesleyan, and others. They are engaged in successful careers in medicine, law, education, and social services, among other fields.