Fieldston's Summer Academic Program

FSAP offers individualized instruction in mathematics and language arts to students entering the ninth and 10th grades. Whether your child is at the top of his or her class or has room to improve, FSAP provides an informative yet fun learning environment for students preparing for the upcoming school year. Small group settings are designed to help students strengthen skills and expand knowledge. Students will gain knowledge on how to best navigate and access the resources available to them in the upper school from experienced 12th graders and recent graduates. All of the instructors are members of Fieldston's talented faculty and devoted to helping students succeed. In addition to the academic portion of the program, there will be exciting weekly field trips around the city. Through learning solid work habits, building self-confidence, and developing greater independence, students who complete FSAP are prepared to fulfill their potential in the fall. The program is free of charge this year, and a light lunch will be provided each day.

Randy Slaughter

Born and raised in the South Bronx, Randy Slaughter is an alumnus of the prestigious Prep for Prep program, where he learned the value of summer academic enrichment. "The work we were able to do over the summer allowed us to grow as students by leaps and bounds. It prepared us for the transition to our high schools and made the jump seem simple." He is excited to provide the same opportunity for students entering the upper school. He has been a member of Fieldston's high school faculty since 2003, serving as the director of diversity and an ethics teacher.