A Day in the Life of a Camper

EARLY MORNING (8:30 – 9:45)

Meeting: Each group discusses the day’s plans and children select their afternoon choices.

Council: The tone for the day is established as all campers and staff sit together on the gym floor, sing, perform, participate, and listen to a folktale, song, or story.

Trips: Groups leaving for a day and overnight trips assemble for their buses and leave from council.


The schedule is different every day. Each group has several of the following activities on any given day.

Instructional Swim – Children receive swimming instructions three times weekly.

Physical Education – Cooperative games of all kinds of instruction in both field and court sports.

Art – Projects run the gamut from fish painting with real fish to tie-dying. The program includes painting, clay, collage, constructions, pen and ink, paper mache.

Creative Movement/Dance – A fun-filled inventive dance movement program that incorporates all types of dance with an Alvin Ailey-trained professional.

Music – Singing folk songs and music of different lands. Favorite camp songs are contemporary and historical songs about the Hudson River.

Museum – The educational “heart” of the camp. The museum is the home for our Hudson River creatures and the place for campers to bring “finds” to share with other campers. Lots of activities happen simultaneously – feeding butterflies, gathering worms for our tortoises, grinding flour, weaving wool, feeding fish caught in the Hudson River, creating giant bubbles.

Garden – Pulling weeds and planting seeds, young gardeners help our garden grow.

AFTERNOON (12:00 – 3:45)

Picnic Lunch/Siesta – Each group picks a pleasant spot outdoors. Lunch is a time for friendly chatter, and also a time to regroup for an afternoon full of fun activities. Siesta is a time to relax, read, and play quiet games.

Choices – For all campers on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons. Campers make a choice selection in the morning and join their choice teachers for this activity and for their free swim. There are several dozen choices offered throughout the summer. They may include: sushi making, cooking, softball, seed necklaces, basketball, drama, ultimate frisbee, mask-making, t-ball, orienteering. On Monday and Friday afternoons, campers follow a schedule that includes more of the morning activities and free swim.

Quad - The whole camp community once again gathers together at quad. Group singing led by camp musicians ends the Fieldston Outdoors day.


We change the basic schedule to accommodate our day-long events: Strawberry Festival, Fun Day, Carnival, and Parents Day. Families will hear about these and other special activities during the camp season.