Explore what our libraries have to offer here.

The Ethical Culture Fieldston School is proud to have three libraries across its two campuses: the Ethical Culture Library; the Fieldston Lower Library; and the Tate Library, which serves Fieldston Middle and Fieldston Upper students. Collectively, the libraries host a wealth of resources, including e-books, audiobooks, picture books, periodicals, visual media, databases and reference materials, and fiction and nonfiction for all ages.

Our libraries constitute an indispensable part of our curriculum. Lower school students visit the library each week to familiarize themselves with reading for pleasure and for learning. At Fieldston Middle and Fieldston Upper, students use the Tate Library in all their subjects, whether they’re gathering primary sources for a History paper or delving into peer-reviewed articles for a lab report. The Library Department also regularly hosts author visits and other community events and curates recommended reading lists for students.

In 2018, the Tate Library underwent an extensive renovation to become a cutting-edge learning facility for the 21st century. Featuring sound-absorbing materials, individual and group study rooms, and an efficient, open layout, the Tate is a favorite place for students to read, research, and collaborate.