Where everyone can find their place in the spotlight

From the earliest Music classes in Pre-K to electives in photography, graphic communications, stagecraft, and more at Fieldston Upper, the Ethical Culture Fieldston School weaves artistic practice into our students’ education. At ECFS, arts education focuses on both individual artistry and community-building and gives students the foundation for a sustainable, fulfilling artistic practice.

Our robust arts program emphasizes both technical skill and creative expression, developing students who feel confidence in their chosen art form. After gaining exposure to Visual Arts, Theatre, Dance, and Music in the lower schools, students begin to home in on their specific interests at Fieldston Middle, where the arts program serves as a bridge from the lower schools’ general education to Fieldston Upper’s more specialized study. 

At Fieldston Upper, students can elect to take a variety of electives in their area of interest. Dance and Theatre majors receive training in acting, dance, directing, choreography, stagecraft, design, writing, and more. Musicians — both instrumentalists and vocalists — can delve into electronic music, music theory, and composition, as well as a variety of small- and large-group performing ensembles. Visual artists choose from courses in drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, printmaking, architecture, and other disciplines. 

Throughout their time at ECFS, all artists have multiple opportunities to showcase their work, including at art exhibitions, concerts, showcases, dance and theatre performances, and the famed ECFS Fashion Show.