Our philosophy

In the Ethical Culture Fieldston School College Counseling Office, we help each student find institutions that will challenge, empower, and inspire them to grow as ethical leaders and lifelong learners. As part of the college selection process, we encourage our students to explore new ways of envisioning themselves and think about options for the future that they may not have considered before. This process is extremely personal and specific to each student and each institution — even when comparing similar colleges, there may be significant differences in their intellectual climates, campus life, and student demographics. At ECFS, we know that finding the right college is about finding the best match for each individual student.

Our program 

ECFS’s formal college counseling program begins in junior year (Form V) with programming that addresses the processes, timelines, and opportunities within college research and application. The College Office offers exposure and programming for 9th (Form III) and 10th Grade (Form IV) students and families, including an initial introduction to general college research and planning tools. This early awareness is valuable in getting to know the College Office and its counselors and understanding the timeline. 

Ethical Culture Fieldston School Upper School students sitting in classroom during the College Symposium
Ethical Culture Fieldston School Upper School students sitting in classroom during the College Symposium
Ethical Culture Fieldston School Upper School students sitting in classroom during the College Symposium

We tailor our program to meet each student’s needs and to find the right fit and match for success after ECFS. The College Counseling Office provides individualized meetings with students, presentations on the college application process, campus visits and panels from admissions representatives, and a formal College Symposium for students and parents/guardians. Students receive personalized support when researching colleges, creating college lists that fit their educational and professional aspirations, preparing for interviews, writing effective essays, and applying for financial aid and scholarships if applicable. Starting in 11th Grade, students have access to Scoir, a platform for researching and comparing colleges as well as tracking and accessing applications.

For current families

In addition to the links above, current families will soon be able to access a comprehensive College Counseling Handbook and more by visiting the College Counseling Office’s microsite in PowerSchool.

For admissions officers

Our people 

ECFS has a strong and dedicated team of professionals who grow to know each student’s strengths, interests, and goals in order to find the best post-secondary match. Our college counselors have worked in undergraduate admission offices at highly selective universities, and our families can be confident that this extensive knowledge of the admissions process will be valuable to each student and their family. Ultimately, our goal is to use our combined expertise to provide the essential tools for a successful and positive college search experience.

Meet the team

Jameel Freeman
Director of College Counseling

Samara Antolini
Associate Director of College Counseling

Rachel Ehrlich
Associate Director of College Counseling/Ethics Department Chair

Darren Meyers
Associate Director of College Counseling

Zoraida Montanez
College Counseling Manager

Akosua Yeboah
Associate Director of College Counseling

College destinations 

The list below represents the educational institutions where our students have matriculated over the past five years.