Learning beyond the school day

Our after school and summer programs offer intellectual, creative, and physical activities that are built on the same progressive beliefs that guide our curriculum, allowing our students to continue their learning and play after the school day is over.

After school

We offer after school programs for students at Ethical Culture, Fieldston Lower, and Fieldston Middle at both of our campuses in Manhattan and the Bronx. Individual programs vary from semester to semester but typically include sports, arts and crafts, music, dance, theatre, speech and debate, and more.

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Summer programs

We offer a variety of high-quality summer programming for students in Pre-K–8th Grade. Individual programs vary from year to year but typically include outdoor camps, sports camps, leadership training camps, and more.

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In addition to our after school and summer programs, we partner with professional instructors and organizations to offer a number of other programs, including driver’s education, before school music, and semester break camps.

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For questions, please contact Keeniun Brumskill, Director of After School and Auxiliary Programs, at [email protected].