Welcome from the Head of School

I am over the moon with excitement about being a part of this community with which I share profound values consonance. I consider myself among the lucky souls: I am someone who does work that I feel called to do.

I believe deeply that no undertaking is more meaningful than teaching and learning. What could be more important than a vocation devoted to helping students discover themselves and develop their gifts, even as they come to understand and appreciate the gifts, identities, and experiences of others—and not just for their own fulfillment, but to prepare them for engaged citizenship and lives of conscience, purpose, and ethical action?

This school’s mission and ethos align with my core values. Indeed, Felix Adler’s vision resonates deeply with my own educational philosophy. I also feel inspired by a host of individuals in this community from every constituency—trustees, teachers, staff, and administrators; students, alumni, and parents—who believe in the school’s proud legacy and in its promise.

Together, we will be fellow travelers; the tone we set and the community we co-create are pivotal. I am proud and humbled to be the head of school. We have so much to celebrate and the promise of good work still to do together.

Jessica L. Bagby

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