Mark your calendars for the 11th Annual ECFS Benefit - The Orange Party - on Saturday, February 25, 2017. Visit for more information and to buy your tickets. Help make this a night to remember!

At a forum sponsored by the ECFS All-School Multicultural Committee and the P+T on November 15, principals from ECFS's four divisions discussed broadening diverse viewpoints throughout the PreK-grade 12 curricula and the school community in general.

Grocery stores serve a pivotal purpose. They are places where we get our food, connect with neighbors, and learn about new ingredients that can help show off our culinary skills. For EC third graders, grocery stores also serve as places to learn math.

Students in Michael Wilkinson's fourth-grade science class have been engaged in a series of investigations exploring the pigments in leaves. They hypothesized that there must be something in light that causes chlorophyll, the green pigment in plants, to be expressed. To test their hypothesis, they designed a series of investigations, growing seedlings in different lighting conditions.

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