Oh, Baby

The next time you're at Fieldston Middle, be sure to take a look at the baby photos of faculty, staff, and students that are on display around the building.

From the Nile to the Niagara

Each student in 2G chose a body of water connected to their identity or experience and created a 3-D clay map of it.

Fifth Graders Go Back in Time to Discover Life in Colonial America

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in colonial times? Ever wondered what toys children played with or how they navigated the world without smart phones, or how they made ink to write letters? This week fifth graders at Ethical Culture had a chance not only to wonder, but to learn how colonists lived by investigating topics related to that time period.

Cardboard: A Burgeoning Engineer's Secret Weapon!

The seventh grade engineering class capped off their semester by creating a zoo of robotic creatures programmed with computers, but built from cardboard. They first learned about cardboard's value as a building material during a field trip to the Adaptive Design Association (ADA).

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