Seven Years, 13 Shows, and Countless Memories

A member of the 14-year club looks back at her years at Fieldston and notes it's clear "that this school and its teachers always tried to seek the best and highest values for its students: academic and social values."

Studying Drug Resistance at Yeshiva University
Sophomores Sydney Bergen and Ariana Reichler recently completed the Urban Barcode Research Program, which pairs high schoolers with mentors who are scientists in the field of genetic testing.
Under the Sea

Second graders spent the spring engaged in an in-depth study of sea creatures. Their work culminated in the grand opening of a sea creature museum this week, where they shared their research.

Students Create Notecards to Raise Funds for Lerata

When the Ethical Culture librarians learned that EC's buddy school in Kenya had not met its budget goals for the year, they turned to students for inspiration for a literary-themed fundraising project.

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