A Message from the Principal

For over 130 years in a beautiful building overlooking Central Park, generations of children have been nurtured, inspired, and challenged in accordance with the ideals of our founder, Felix Adler. Adler’s ideas of learning through doing or "deed not creed" continue to inform our approach to teaching and learning.

Felix Adler was a pioneer in the development of progressive education, and this commitment continues to be at the heart of our approach. We believe that children are naturally curious, and we seek to foster their curiosity by giving them the opportunity to follow their passions, ask questions, and acquire the tools to be able to find answers to their questions. We seek to create authentic opportunities for children to learn, a hands-on approach that puts children at the center of their education. Teachers of all subjects work together to create a curriculum that is integrated and challenging while emphasizing collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity--all mixed in with a healthy measure of fun!

Ethical learning is crucial to our approach. Education in ethics and social justice is a vital part of every child’s education at Ethical. We encourage children to embrace diversity and celebrate both our differences and our similarities. Over a century on from the school’s founding, we continue to strive to produce individuals who will be equipped to go out into society and transform it in accordance with ethical ideas.

Ethical Culture is a vibrant place.

We welcome your virtual visit and look forward to seeing you in person.

Rob Cousins
Principal, Ethical Culture