Course Offerings


The Fieldston Middle theatre and dance department provides students with so many ways to learn and explore. Middle school students learn by doing in our exciting and innovative curricula. Don’t miss out on the many ways that Fieldston Middle Theatre and Dance will engage your mind, body, and spirit.


The drama program introduces students to basic acting technique, fosters a collaborative spirit, and creates an environment of trust and respect.

Sample classes:

  • Project Arts
  • Acting 1
  • Acting 2


Middle school dancers study technique, improvisation, and composition. With dance making at the heart of all we do, Fieldston Middle School Dance is like none other.

Sample classes:

  • 8th Grade Dance Project
  • Boys Dance Video Project
  • Modern and Jazz Technique
  • Project Art

Technical Theatre

At Fieldston Middle, technicians get first-hand experience in how to run a show. Students learn a wide range of skills, on stage and off. From the lightboard to stage management, Fieldston Middle technicians learn how to make it happen. Sample class: Backstage/On Stage.