Modern and Classical Languages Department


The middle school modern and classical languages program is designed to help students gain rich linguistic, cultural, and historical perspectives and knowledge. Our program offers classes in Mandarin Chinese, French, Spanish, and Latin. All four languages are offered at the beginner level in sixth grade. Latin is also offered as a second language starting in seventh grade.

We are committed to developing students who will independently:

  • communicate in their language of study on an array of topics
  • understand a variety of language structures
  • make connections between their language of study and their native language
  • apply cultural competency to learn about communities where their language of study is spoken
  • use language critically
  • embrace lifelong learning of modern and classical languages15543346238_662d88457d_k.jpg

Because we are committed to academic excellence, progressive education, and ethical learning, our instructional methods include:

  • teaching in the target language
  • activities in all four modes (listening and reading comprehension, speaking and writing)
  • a balance of emphasis on grammatical accuracy and effective communication
  • 15543440418_cc4a8eaa35_o copy.jpg
  • differentiated instruction
  • student-centered activities
  • interdisciplinary work
  • real-world applications
  • use of authentic material such as songs, films, photographs, visual art, fiction and non-fiction texts, online news, foreign websites
  • use of technology such as blogs, smartboards, online writing and recording tools, presentational and creative softwares
  • trips within New York City and abroad
French students parade with their masks and sing songs for Mardi Gras and Carnival.